Halloween night on Greek Row and Kelly had made sure she was appropriately dressed for the occasion; in fact, she felt a little conspicuous in her skintight leather catsuit. As she moved through the crowd inside, she noticed that only a few of the other girls had dressed with as much imagination or adventurousness. The few that did -- Kelly later remembered a blonde dressed in a tiny red bikini with a veil over her face and a few token silk scarves draped around her shapely body, and a brooding redhead with fake fangs and a killer body -- returned her cold appraisals with their own measured glares. Kelly bared her teeth to the redhead as she brushed past her, adding a subtle jab with powerful hips, and lost herself in the crowd, not even bothering to turn around to see the other girl’s reaction. Even the alcohol now thoroughly in residence inside her bloodstream couldn’t slow down the beautiful brunette’s racing pulse; she felt wild, dangerous, capable of doing and saying things she would never have considered even as recently as a year ago.

Kelly had been a late bloomer physically. She had been relatively flat-chested all the way up until the middle of her junior year in high school, although by the beginning of her senior year she filled out her bra as well as almost any girl in the school. A tomboy of sorts, she was involved in gymnastics, volleyball, swimming -- all of which resulted in an exquisitely crafted body, and with the sudden development of her breasts, a breathtakingly powerful feminine one. The surprising upswing in her popularity with guys and to some degree even with the other girls at school produced an concomitant shift in her personality. Now, as a sophomore and a sorority sister, Kelly had it all -- the body, the look, and the attitude.

Her eyes were drawn to another tall brunette talking in the corner with a football player she recognized. Leanne...and wearing an almost identical skintight outfit. Unlike Kelly, however, a leather choker with wicked looking spikes encircled the other girl’s neck; together with the dark make-up heavily applied to her strikingly pale, powdered face, it gave the other brunette a decidedly Gothic flavor. Long red fingernails flirtatiously brushed silky, breast-length hair from a long ivory neck, as Leanne nodded and smiled. The other girl’s smile was instantly recognizable even in the dim lighting of the house -- a slow, sexy, soft...sneer almost. It was unnerving to most guys to see such a wicked expression on a face as beautiful as the brunette’s, and in fact, the football player was starting to look around the room nervously seeking escape when Leanne, feeling someone’s eyes on her, slowly turned her head and met Kelly’s stare, and promptly forgot her conversation.

The other girl’s stare was electric; Leanne’s green eyes seemed even brighter in the dimness of the house, and her earlier smile twisted into a true sneer, dark red lips curling sensuously. Kelly unconsciously licked her lips, leaving them wet and glossy with her own heavy lipstick. Regardless of the other girl’s intent, her malicious sneer left Kelly far from uneasy; she had been around enough to recognize a challenge when she saw one and she felt dangerous tonight, more than capable of handling this hot witch.

Kelly and Leanne belonged to two different sororities which had developed a running rivalry between themselves. A lot of the most popular and successful girls on campus belonged to one or the other of the two sororities, and a certain competitive tension had built up between their members. Kelly and Leanne themselves were rivals on the tennis court. Kelly’s mind involuntarily flashed her an image of the other girl striding forward across the tennis court to the net, a sweat-drenched t-shirt clinging to her curvy chest and a short white skirt barely providing coverage for beautifully muscled thighs, a self-satisfied smile of victory on those hated lips. The brunette’s muscles tensed underneath her catsuit; the leather gave a little groan as Kelly’s body straightened to meet her rival, who was stalking toward her even now on those long, long legs of hers.

Kelly turned slightly away after establishing contact with the other girl, making sure she kept Leanne in the periphery of her sight, and slipped over to the long table which held the night’s refreshments. The punch was pleasingly cold as it slid down her throat, but even it couldn’t ease the sudden tightness the brunette felt in her groin as her rival slid in next to her. Their hips brushed up against each other aggressively, leather sliding across leather, as Leanne’s striking green eyes met Kelly’s ice-blue irises over the lips of their glasses.

"I like the leather, bitch," Leanne said tightly.

"I warned you," Kelly replied hotly, setting down her glass on the edge of the table. "I told you I was getting this outfit."

"I must have forgotten," her rival said. Leanne’s catsuit complained as she shrugged eloquently.

"Like hell," the brunette said raggedly. Her voice was suddenly hoarse with anticipation; her skin was flush with excitement inside the catsuit which suddenly felt extremely claustrophobic. The catsuit was clearly a naked, brazen challenge: the two girls had met by coincidence one week ago in the same costume store downtown; thin smiles had been exchanged over a rack of costumes, and Leanne had very prominently picked out the costume she wore tonight. Even then, however, a part of her mind had been preoccupied with the image of a leather-clad Leanne showing up at the party. Kelly remembered the insolent smile she had flashed her rival, the brief display of her long red nails as she pulled the costume from the rack...even then, she had wanted this confrontation...hungered for it...planned for it. Her hand crept to her behind and she wiped her sweaty palm on the leather, tapping it with her red nails.

Leanne shrugged once more. Kelly watched with increasing tension as the other girl dipped one long nail into her drink and brought it slowly up to her perfect red lips, wrapping them around the feminine claw. "You’re right," Leanne finally said. Her gaze bore into Kelly with an almost frightening intensity, which only served to heighten the brunette’s excitement. "It’s a challenge."

"What kind of a challenge?" Kelly asked.

The ghost of a sneer appeared on the other girl’s beautiful face. Red nails curled around the glass in Leanne’s hand. "I think you can guess. It’s Halloween, bitch...time to let the animal inside of you out..."

Kelly licked her lips once more. There was indeed something...primal in the other girl’s face. Something incredibly suggestive, darkly feminine that held the promise of raw animal sexuality, raw animal aggression. She noticed that Leanne had spread her legs on their knee-length high-heeled boots apart aggressively in front of her. The girls were almost on top of each other in the room, largely oblivious of the party staggering on around them, which was blessedly ignoring them for the moment. Kelly’s breathing was harsh and ragged to her ears; a sudden lunge forward and she could have her thigh up against her rival’s spread legs and her hands in the other girl’s soft hair...

"I don’t know..." Kelly said. "Someone might get hurt."

Leanne’s smile was full of teeth; it did not touch her eyes which remained locked with Kelly’s own in a deadly serious staredown. "I promise." The other girl glanced at the clock across the room. 11:30pm.

Kelly felt a cold object pressed into her hand. Leanne’s last words were whispered hotly in her ear with the girls’ bodies pressing up against each other threateningly: "Meet me in the basement of my house in half an hour in that little catsuit, bitch. It’s time I showed your sweet Kappa Delta ass who the big cats really are..." Kelly’s outraged snort of contempt was answered by a painful grab of her tight ass with Leanne’s sharp nails. The other girl’s eyes widened slightly in surprise, but before Kelly could reply or retaliate, Leanne had melted away into the crowd, and the brunette reluctantly let her go. She closed her hand around the key in her palm and squeezed it tightly. She would get the last word when it mattered...

The noise of the party and the stifling air inside the house were suddenly too much for Kelly. She had to get out. A few hurried good-byes and she outside in the cold, her breath turning into pale white streamers in the late autumn air. The chill felt incredibly good, bringing her body temperature back down to a comfortable level after the intensity of the encounter with Leanne. The simple thought of her brunette enemy brought another flush to Kelly’s skin even out here in the bracing cold.

It was a full moon tonight; Kelly had no problem finding her way to Leanne’s sorority house. The sounds of intoxicated laughter and wild partying gradually diminished as she went, until there was almost dead silence by the time she arrived at the darkened house. With a slightly trembling hand -- despite her slightly intoxicated state and the hatred which had driven her to accept Leanne’s challenge, Kelly still had the presence of mind to recognize that meeting a female rival alone in a dark basement inside an empty house was not exactly safe -- she turned the key in the lock and stepped inside.

Inside, the house looked pretty much like her own; a blend of modern and antique furniture. Kelly had been inside a few times before so she knew exactly where the basement was located. A pair of boots lay beside the door -- and on top of them a black leather hood. Kelly’s heart skipped a beat as she contemplated the ominous-looking piece of fabric; it had holes for her eyes, nose, and mouth and fit snugly on her head when she pulled it on, hardly breathing. She quickly slipped off her own knee-length boots, placing them beside Leanne’s discarded shoes, and made her way soundlessly now on bare feet down the hallway carpeted with beautiful oriental rugs. The door to the basement opened with a long creak. The excitement the brunette felt was excrutiating; Kelly lightly placed her nails on her heavy breasts, slowly ran them down her flat stomach all the way to her angry cunt, bringing her pre-fight arousal to an almost unbearable level. With a soft snarl, she stalked inside, closing the door behind her silently.

The scene inside the basement was almost cinematic. A tiny window near the top of one wall let in the only light there was; the few slivers of moonlight that were present illuminated Leanne’s motionless figure in the center of the room. The brunette was standing in almost a crouch with her hands held in front of her, the dark red nail polish on her fingertips shining in the dim light. The spiked choker was gone and the twin to Kelly’s leather hood was pulled over her rival’s face. The clutter inside the basement had been pushed to the edges, and placed on top of it all around the cleared cement area were metal cages in which actual cats had been placed. The felines stalked in near silence, their bright eyes gazing out upon the scene before them: the two rivals and this private female war. The girls stared at each other for what seemed an eternity, their thoughts partially hidden by the masks, but exposed in their bright and jealous eyes.

The mood had been set. Wordlessly, Kelly slid down the steps on her bare feet, falling into a crouch to match her rival, nails outstretched and flexing with vicious intent. The girls began to circle in silence, their leather catsuits groaning softly as the beautiful female bodies they enclosed prepared to lock claws.

The sudden startling movement of both girls brought a horrible outburst of high-pitched sound from the watching felines in their steel cages. Kelly heard herself give a matching scream of violence and arousal as she finally engaged her hated rival’s leather-clad body. The rivals groaned as their bodies hugged together murderously, claws searching vainly for a chance to hurt the other girl, raking futilely at smooth leather. In addition to the full-body catsuits, the leather hoods each girl wore protected her face and silky hair from her enemy’s nails; as they smashed their hot bodies together, Kelly and Leanne hissed with frustrated arousal and anger.

"Bitch," Leanne rasped as her hard breasts slammed up against Kelly’s equally firm mammaries. "I’ll show you who has the better body; I’m the only one who should be wearing this catsuit, slut."

Because of the rivals’ black leather suits and the hoods they both wore, the only area of color visible on either girl was her heavily lipsticked mouth; he contrast granted the words growled by the girls an extra menace.

"You little whore," Kelly hissed. "I can grind with your weak body all night, bitch." The squeezing was almost rhythmic, the violent groans groans of the two catsuits coming in regular intervals as the rivals swore and rubbed up against one another.

Leanne’s red lips were so close; dark, luscious, waiting for Kelly’s own full pair to fight with. With her rival’s sweet breath on her lips, Kelly wrapped her long right leg behind Leanne’s, the muscles in each girl’s leg tensing in a display of strength, and pulled her rival into a tight, airless clinch, her lips fastening onto her enemy’s aggressively.

The kiss was suffocating. Arousal and aggression were present in equal parts as the two rivals tasted each other. Leanne’s body in its leather covering was hard and cold against Kelly’s, but her lips were very, very soft, insistent, and irresistible. Kelly found herself gasping as the kiss ended after several intense minutes; and as she took in air desperately, Leanne’s fist smashed into her flat stomach. She cried out more in surprise and outrage than pain -- the girls were still clinched together, which made punching problematical -- and promptly smashed into her rival’s stomach with her own fist. The girls grunted like animals as they traded body blows, the cats around them screaming in sympathy as the rivals went back and forth for almost ten minutes.

Even given the awkwardness of her rival’s blows and the leather protecting her stomach, Kelly still found her belly on fire after the exchange and her entire body flushed with anger; the perspiration and heat from the fight had turned her catsuit into a virtual inferno. The brunette staggered back a few steps, finally catching herself on one muscled leg.

Leanne ripped her hood from her face, shaking her sweat-drenched hair from her beautiful face. The make-up she had worn earlier had run all over her cheeks, but it served only to heighten the intensity present in the enraged glare she shot her rival.

Kelly tore her own hood off, and ran her hands through her wet hair, returning Leanne’s poisonous glare. Without a word, the two sexy rivals reapproached one another, circling intently again. Now that the hoods were off, both girls were able to appreciate the other’s vampish beauty in jealous silence. Kelly was terribly conscious of the tightness in her loins as she stared at her rival’s gorgeous face and the shapely body stalking her -- before the night was over, she would thoroughly dominate this bitch, she said to herself. This slut will know I am better than she is...

The watching felines repeated their chorus of yowls as the two girls smashed together again, their breasts thrust hard against each other, crotches grinding beneath leather, as hands buried themselves in soaking-wet hair. White teeth bared themselves in the little moonlight available. Kelly screamed as the girls pulled each other slowly to their knees; both girls’ heads were pulled back painfully, ivory necks bared to the cold air of the basement room. A flurry of violent movement and the girls were suddenly fully engaged again, horizontal on the bare floor and rolling wildly across it.

The other girl’s body was like a python’s. All of the hours spent on the tennis courts had given both girls a smooth musculature that was ideal for this kind of close fighting, and they were almost perfectly matched. Leanne hissed and spat as she writhed in Kelly’s arms, pulling at the brunette’s long hair wildly, and grinding her hard chest up into her rival’s.

"Bitch," Kelly growled. "Bitch, bitch, bitch!" The word was all the beautiful brunette could think of. The room was a dizzy whirlwind in her head of screeching cats, dark shadows, and black leather as she writhed around on the floor, locked tightly with Leanne in an embrace of aroused hatred.

Growling and spitting, the girls shoved each other away finally, rolling over to face one another on all fours, taking in the basement air fitfully, their firm breasts rising and falling rapidly. The brutal squeezing and hair-pulling had left both girls physically exhausted, but their hunger for the other had not been fully satisfied by any means. Kelly’s cunt was hotter than it had ever been as she faced her crouching rival, rising up on the balls of her feet like the felines around them. A low and challenging purr from Leanne sent another pulse of excitement through her overheated groin, and she answered with a sensuous, threatening purr of her own...

Warily, the girls approached one another again, eyes bright with desire, but with their catfight lust sated for now, not stopping until they were literally nose-to-nose. The smell of sweat and perfume was overpowering, and the rivals took it in eagerly. Eyes locked in an acknowledgment of hate, Kelly and Leanne slowly straightened, rising to their feet.

"Pussy," Leanne said softly.

"Cunt," Kelly replied. The words were simultaneously insults and promises of domination.

Kelly closed her eyes, pushing her crotch into her rival’s as she slid her hands around Leanne’s back, slowly pulling down the other girl’s zipper, tugging the fabric down over Leanne’s sweaty skin. Her nails trailed lightly down her sexy enemy’s bare shoulders all the way to the other girl’s rounded chest...which was being supported by some sort of tiger-skin bikini top, Kelly realized as she opened her eyes. The fabric felt authentic underneath her hands as she grabbed and squeezed Leanne’s hard breasts.

Leanne growled as she raked her nails through the thick fabric of Kelly’s own top, fashioned it seemed from wolf-skin. "I’m the real bitch between us, whore," Leanne told her rival. "I’m the cat and the bitch."

"Show me, slut," Kelly demanded, wincing as Leanne’s red nails found purchase in the tops of her white breasts. "You show me what a real bitch in heat is like."

Leanne’s slap staggered her rival; Kelly’s return slap brought the other girl to her knees. The catfight was on again, and the girls tore into each other with a renewed viciousness. Their tops were promptly ripped off, and naked tits smashed together hotly as the two rivals slapped and clawed on the cold concrete floor.
"This is what a bitch in heat is like, pussy!" Leanne hissed as she humped her rival, pulling viciously at Kelly’s long brown hair, leather-clad crotch brutally punching her rival’s cunt.

"Yeah," Kelly growled. "You are so hot for me, aren’t you, cat?" The brunette licked at her rival’s wet lips, returning Leanne’s pussy punch with a thrust of her own.

"You’re the cat who’s ready to come in her pants, slut," Leanne snarled. Kelly felt the pressure on her scalp suddenly disappear as Leanne’s hands went to her crotch, pulling down the catsuit further, exposing her naked, wet, throbbing cunt...and exposing the pair of handcuffs Leanne had felt earlier when she had grabbed her rival’s ass at the party.

"Bitch!" Kelly screamed. She almost came right then; the moment was finally here -- the cunt-to-cunt showdown she had always wanted with this bitch. No net, or tennis rackets, or rules...just pure vampish sexuality, unfiltered feminine aggression. "Let’s finish this, cat..."

The handcuffs were fastened for effect, mostly -- neither girl had any intention of retreating now until it was finished between them. Kelly tensed and clenched her teeth as her pussy slid in tight against Leanne’s; the two wet cunts were shivering with impatience and excitement.
Kelly and Leanne started slowly, grinding tentatively and feeling each other out. Dark cunt hair tickled one other as the girls jabbed and rubbed together dirtily, their nails digging into each other’s backs as they squirmed hotly together. The rivals’ groans grew in volume, interspersed with growled threats and curses.

"Bitch," Leanne snarled. "I’m the queen, bitch; your fuck-queen."

"Whore-queen," Kelly growled. "I’m the bitch with the hottest cunt."

The smell of angry female arousal filled the basement room as the sorority bitches dueled, their cunts grinding together in a hot, dirty pubic war. Kelly spread her legs wide, clamping her thighs around her rival’s, forcing her cunt deep into the other girl’s crotch. She was stiff, hot, and angry...

"Fuck!" both girls screamed as their stiff little clits made orgasmic contact. With their hands cuffed together and at shoulder-level, the two sobbing rivals struggled to keep their coming cunts together. Powerful ass muscles flexed spasmodically as the girls fought to keep their clits in delicious contact, to ride the other girl to a final submission. The orgasm went on for minutes. Kelly screamed and screamed as her cunt experienced orgasm after orgasm, progressively growing less violent until finally she was able to gain enough self-control to take possession of Leanne’s cunt with her own, cunt-wrestling the sobbing girl onto her back. The brunette’s warm mouth silenced her rival with a probing wet tongue as she forced the final orgasms from Leanne’s defeated body.