It  was  late  on  a  Friday evening when Janet's old Dodge
        pulled  into  the  driveway  of  the  remote  country home.
        It had  been a hard week,  and Janet was looking forward to
        a long, lazy,  weekend with her lover of three years, Anne.
        Climbing out of the old car, Janet couldn't help but notice
        the dusty Plymouth Fury parked  in the front yard.   Anne's
        car was no where it sight.

        "Anne  is  going to be pissed when she comes back and finds
        that  old  car  parked  on  her  grass",  Janet  thought to

        Climbing the steps of the front porch,  Janet couldn't help
        but  feel  a  sense of dark forboding.   Anne's  house  was
        pitch black and had an almost sinister air of waiting about
        it.  Trying the front door, it opened easily.

        Stepping  inside,  she stood in the dark hallway and called
        out quietly, "Anne",  but no answer came.  Hesitating for a
        moment, she noticed a dim light coming from the back of the
        house,  the  room  Anne  used  for a den.  Closing the door
        behind her,  Janet walked  softly to the door and pushed it
        open.  "Anne", she repeated.

        The  old  den  was  as Janet remembered it.  An overstuffed
        couch and two chairs surrounding a giant white fur rug.  In
        front of the rug was an ancient stone fireplace.   Even now
        a small fire blazed in the grill,  its yellow light dancing
        off the dark pine panels on the walls.

        Stepping into the den,  Janet called out,  "Anne are you in

        A soft voice answered her from  the  shadows,  "Anne  isn't
        here tonight."

        Janet jumped  nervously  and  then whirled to face the slim
        figure  she  now  preceived  lounging  in  one of the large
        chairs.  "Who in the hell are you", Janet asked sharply.

        The  figure  stood and came forward, slowly revealed in the
        dim, flickering, light.  A tall statuesque woman, with long
        blonde hair and eyes like green fire.  "I'm Gabriel. Surely
        Anne must have  mentioned me to you,  after all,  she and I
        have been lovers since even before the two of you met", the
        woman replied with a small cold smile.

        "I've heard of you", Anne responded, her nerves still jumpy
        from  the  sudden  shock  of this unexpected confrontation.
        Slowly  Anne  let  her  eyes travel over the woman, she had
        always  quietly  hated.   Her elusive rival, the mysterious

        Gabriel was tall and slim, with small firm breasts and long
        shapely  legs.   She  had  a  model's  features,  trim  and
        attractive with high cheek  bones  and  large  green  eyes.
        Dressed  in a short clinging blue dress, her eyes seemed to
        be laughing now.  Taunting her rival for Anne's love.

        Gabriel  could not help but gaze over Janet as well.  After
        years  of  sharing  a mutual lover, she had a firm image of
        her  rival in her mind.  Janet looked much as she expected,
        but  even  better.   Long  black hair hanging down in ebony
        cascades.  Full pendulous breasts riding high over generous
        hips and shapely thighs.   She  had only  thought she hated
        this  woman  until  now.  Seeing her standing in Anne's den
        dressed  in  a  simple,  but revealing black dress, Gabriel
        knew  that  nothing would satisfy her rage until this woman
        lay vanquished and humilated beneath her.

        Turning Gabriel walked over the couch.  Sitting, she leaned
        over  and  picked  up  a glass of wine, taking her time and
        letting  Janet have a long, lingering view of her small but
        well formed breasts.

        "I  sent  Anne  away tonight", she said.  "I thought it was
        time  you and I finally met.  I took the liberty of opening
        a bottle of wine, will you join me in a glass?"

        "Yes", Janet replied, finally finding her voice again.

        Walking across the room, Janet sat on the couch, staring at
        her rival's long crossed legs for a second,  before bending
        forward and pouring herself a glass.

        "So!  Just exactly what did you want to talk about",  Janet
        asked as she sipped from her glass.

        "My aren't you the cool one",  Gabriel replied,  "Lets see,
        we could talk about  the stock market,  or the weather,  or
        about you fucking my girl friend  for the last three years.
        What subject would you  perfer",  Gabriel smirked,  as  her
        eyes, wandered over Janet's pale cleavage.

        "How  can  I  put  this politely", she continued.  "I don't
        like to share."

        "Neither do I",  Janet replied, "but what made you suddenly
        change you mind now.   It doesn't seem to have bothered you

        "Not true!   It's always bothered me, its just that I never
        wanted to upset Anne by forcing her to chose between us.

        "And now", Janet replied.

        "Now  I  have  decided  that  I don't want to wait anymore.
        Anne  is  simply  to  nice  to  ever tell you that your not
        wanted anymore.  So tonight I'm here to tell you for her."

        "I don't believe you", Janet replied.   "I know  Anne and I
        know  that  it's  me  she  wants,  not  you.   Your fooling
        yourself if you believe otherwise."

        Putting  down  her  glass,  Janet  rose  from the couch and
        walked to the fireplace,  leaning against the mantle as she
        gazed back at Gabriel.

        "I  think  you should know", Janet continued, "that I won't
        give  Anne up.   I'll do whatever I have to do to keep her.

        Rising,  Gabriel  place  her  glass on the table and walked
        over  to  the fireplace.  Standing very close to her rival,
        she  gazed  into  the  brunette's  eyes  and  said   almost
        teasingly, "anything?"

        "If  your  asking  if  I'll  fight  you for her, the answer
        is yes",  Janet  replied  as she reached out,  gripped  the
        blonde by one shoulder.

        Shrugging  her  hand  away, Gabriel turned and walked away,
        only to spin back around and face her once again.

        "You say you'll fight for her,  but will you fuck for her?"

        "What  are you  talking about",  Janet replied,  caught off
        guard by the strange question.

        "As  much  as  it  would  please  me to scratch that pretty
        little  face  of  yours all up, it wouldn't settle anything
        now would it", Gabriel responded.

        "You'd  just  keep  coming back whether you won or lost.  I
        know  I  would.   We're  not  here  to determine who is the
        better  fighter,  the  question is who is the better lover.
        Anne will chose the better lover in the end anyway.  We can
        determine  that  here tonight,  if we please.  Its not your
        nails  that  I question Janet dear, its your passion that I

        Stepping  closer  again,  Grabriel stared deep into Janet's
        eyes, then reaching lower, she gripped the hem of her dress
        and  slowly  pulled  it  higher until her bare thighs where
        completely  exposed  in the flickering light.   Holding the
        dress up with one hand, she reached down with the other and
        carefully tugged the crotch of her white lace panties aside,
        revealing her pale blonde bush and tight pink sex.

        "You're woman enough to  fight me with your fists", Gabriel
        continued  in a  whisper,  "are  you  woman  enough to bare
        yourself  to  me and meet in sexual battle for the lover we
        both desire?"

        Janet  stood  frozen  for a moment, shocked by the boldness
        of  this  woman,  then  slowly her hands dropped until they
        found  the  edge  of  her skirt and raised it up.  Fumbling
        with  her  free  hand,  she pinched the crotch of her black
        panties  between  thumb and forefinger and pulled it aside.
        Baring  her thick dark bush and full sex, to the cool night
        air  and  the  devouring  eyes of her foe.  In a voice both
        remote  and  detached  from herself, she answered Gabriel's
        question with a single word, "Yes".

        Releasing  the  hem  of  her  dress,  Gabriel stepped back.
        Turning  to  the  couch,  she  reached  behind a pillow and
        pulled  an object out before turning and dropping it on the
        carpet between them.

        Janet  looked  down  and gasped, as she saw the large black
        two-headed  dildo  lying  on  the  white  carpet, like some
        giant engorged snake.

        Slowly,  Gabriel  turned  to  face  Janet and began to walk
        towards her.   Janet stepped away from the mantle and moved
        to  meet  her.   Stopping only inches apart, the two rivals
        for the affection of a common lover, faced each other hands
        on  their  hips.   Gabriel's green eyes, bored into Janet's
        hazel  ones,  as  they  stared  coldly at each other, their
        hands  curling  into  claws  with their desire to slash and
        tear at each other.  Both hesitated now, reluctant to begin
        this  delicate  struggle.   Finally, Gabriel made the first

        Reaching  forward,  she touched Janet on the lightly on the
        shoulder,  watching  her  rival  jump  at  this  first soft
        contact.  Moving closer, she ran her hand down Janet's arm,
        stroking her gently as Gabriel moved closer still. Suddenly
        they were chest to chest, breasts brushing lightly together
        through the thin material of their  dresses.   Reaching  up
        with  her  other  hand, Gabriel stroked Janet's curly black
        hair,  before  pulling  her  face  closer  for  a  soft but
        powerful kiss.   As their lips meet, Janet's body shakes as
        the  tender  contact stirs powerful emotions deep inside of
        her.  As  Gabriel's  arms slowly begin to enfold her, Janet
        realizes, that the fight for Anne has begun.

        Reaching  out,  Janet embraces her rival.  One arm slipping
        around Gabriel's  narrow waist,  while the other hand drops
        lower, to cup one firm buttock.   Pressing herself into the
        willowy  blonde,  Janet let's her passion flow, working her
        lips lightly over Gabriel's  mouth as the tip of her tongue
        begins to worry the edge of Gabriel's still closed lips.

        Gabriel's  mouth  opens  and  their  tongues meet, soft and
        moist, aggressive as they press against each other and then
        past each other, each exploring the other's mouth.   Breath
        comes  fast  as  hands  begin to stroke and caress, sliding
        under skirts and down past necklines as the two women begin
        to fondle each other.   Starting to move in a small circle,
        they stumble and break apart for a second.

        Smiling  Gabriel  kicks  off  her  heels and holds her arms
        out  in open invitation.  Janet kicks her shoes off as well
        and  steps  forward  again,  flowing into her rival's arms.
        The  dance  continues as bodies press now tightly together.
        Lips  find  lips  and tongues find tongues as fingers pluck
        and tease. Standing in front of the fireplace the two women
        embrace  like  long lost overs.  Bodies swaying slightly as
        they strain together.

        Gripping her rival about the waist,  Janet begins to slowly
        rub her thigh up the outside of the blonde's long left leg.
        Skirts ride higher and higher as she rubs her firm leg over
        the  blonde's  shapely  thigh.   With a light hiss, Gabriel
        responds, her fingers plucking at the zipper on the back of
        Janet's dress until it finally gives.......zipppppp!

        Reaching  down,  Janet seizes the hem of Gabriel's dress in
        both  hands  and lifts it.  Raising it up until Gabriel has
        no  choice  but  to stand still and let Janet strip it from
        her, right over her head.

        Stepping  in  again,  Gabriel,  grips  Janet's dress by the
        shoulders  and  works  it down until the dress drops to the
        floor with a whisper.   Standing now in nothing but bra and
        panties,  the  two  women glare at each other with hate and
        envy  as  their  bodies slowly twist together in a dance of
        lust and war.

        Reaching  up,  Gabriel  seizes  the cups of Janet's bra and
        pushs  up  until  Janet's  large pale breasts spill out the
        bottom.   Shoving  the  bra  up and out of the way, Gabriel
        grabs  Janet's  breasts in both hands and begins to squeeze
        and  pinch  them  lightly,  smiling as Janet's moans softly
        under her assault.

        Retaliating,  Janet  reaches  behind  Gabriel and opens the
        clasp  on  her bra, letting it slip forward until Gabriel's
        small,  firm  breasts  are  exposed.   Reaching  up,  Janet
        pinches  Gabriel's  large  pink  nipples before running her
        thumbs  over  their hardening tips.  Gabriel squirms in her
        grasp, mouth open in a silent cry of pleasure.

        Clutching  Janet  around the waist, Gabriel slides one hand
        down  Janet's  firm  belly  and down deep into her panties.
        Long, slender  fingers make their way through Janet's dense
        pubic hair,  until they  find her warm, soft sex.  Standing
        on  tip  toe,  Janet  gasps  as  Gabriel's fingers begin to
        slowly  stroke  and  rub,  smooth and tease, first circling
        Janet's  delicate clit and then plunging down to rub across
        her dampening vaginal lips.

        Catching her breath, Janet pulls her rival closer, gripping
        her by  one  firm  butt  cheek as she slips her own fingers
        down into Gabriel's tiny black panties.  Practiced  fingers
        discover  her enemy's own sensitive clit and quickly stroke
        it into raging stiffness.

        Shuddering  in  each  other's  grip,  they stagger back and
        forth across the carpetting, clutching sweat soaked bodies,
        as  they  fight  to  work  their fingers deeper inside each
        other's  panties.   Moans  of  pleasure  mix with snarls of
        rage  as  they  battle  back  and  forth  in  front  of the
        flickering fireplace.   Slitted eyes and bared teeth attest
        to  their  fury as each struggles to force the other to the
        brink of orgasm and beyond.

        Removing her  hand from Gabriel's panties, Janet reaches up
        and  shoves  her  rival  hard,  forcing  her back and away.
        Enraged,  Gabriel  rushes  forward  and  pushes Janet back,
        knocking her back several steps.

        "What's  the  matter,  Whore",  Gabriel sneers, "had enough
        now?   Are you ready to admit I'm the better woman and just
        slink away?"

        "You're  fucking  dreaming, you crazy Bitch", Janet replied
        with a hiss.   "I'm not going anywhere  until  I  hear  you
        whimper like the little slut I  know you are.  I just think
        it's time we made this a little...easier."

        Reaching  back,  Janet pops the snap on her bra and removes
        it,  flinging  it  into  the darkness.   "Come on you cheap
        little Whore, let's get NAKED and DO IT!"

        Reaching lower, Janet slips her panties over her broad hips
        and lets them drop to her ankles before kicking them aside.
        Standing  there  naked, with her hands on her hips, and her
        legs  spread  wide,  Janet  stares  at Gabriel, challenging
        Gabriel with her eyes, to bare herself.

        Smiling  evilly  now,  Gabriel  responds  by  slipping  the
        tangling bra off of her sweat slicked boobs.   Dropping it,
        she reaches down and  works the little panties off over her
        hips, dropping them, before stepping forward.

        "You wanted me naked,  well now I'm NAKED,  come and get it
        you  big titted  CUNT!",  Gabriel  screams  as  she  lunges

        Janet  leaps  to  meet  her  and the two warring women slam
        together  chest to chest and breast to breast.   Staggering
        across  the  carpet,  they  clutch  at  each other, pulling
        hair  and  screaming  in  both lust and hate.  Fighting for
        advantage, they stumble back and forth, thighs bulging with
        effort,  toes  digging  into  the thick carpetting as boobs
        rub and slap together.

        Spinning  on  one  heel,  Janet  turns and slams Gabriel up
        against  the  nearest  wall.   Reaching  down,  she quickly
        plunges  one  hand  between  Gabriel's  sweating thighs and
        forces two fingers up  and into the blonde's steaming twat.
        Gabriel shrieks as Janet's fingers enter her, slipping past
        her quivering lips and sinking deep into her vagina.

        "Like that don't you,  you little whore?",  Janet laughs as
        she watches Gabriel's face  contorting as her fingers begin
        to work back and forth inside the blonde.

        Hooking  one  well  curved  leg  behind  her enemy's thigh,
        Gabriel grabs a fist full of Janet's hair, forcing her head
        back  as  the  blonde's other hand drops lower and forces a
        thumb inside Janet's dripping snatch.

        "You're  not  the only girl that ever learned how to finger
        fuck",  Gabriel sneers  as Janet's  body stiffens under her
        direct  and sensual attack.   "I've had better bitches than
        you  in  a  two-dollar  bar.   You'll  be whimpering on the
        carpet  before I'm through with you.  You will!  You will!"
        Gabriel  screams as Janet's  fingers continue to work their
        will inside her.

        Locked  sweating  body  to  sweating  body,  the  two women
        continued  to  torture each other.  Fingers pumping away as
        they cursed and spat at each other.  Gabriel found the room
        to be  suddenly  very hot.  The sweat running down her body
        matched  only by the juices churning and surging inside her
        enflamed sex.

        Janet  gasped  and shuddered  again and again as she fought
        maddly  to  control  the  passion  building  inside of her.
        Gabriel's  fingers  worked  like magical wands, finding her
        every secret spot  and stroking them one after the other to
        burning pleasure.

        Clenched  in  desparate  embrace the two women work on each
        other  until  both  are  in  a  seething frenzy.   Suddenly
        Gabriel can stand it no more.  Withdrawing her fingers from
        Janet's dripping sex, she shoves the brunette hard, forcing
        her backwards until she falls to the soft carpet.   Leaping
        upon her enemy, the two combatants, quickly lock their arms
        and  legs  around  each other and begin a tangled battle on
        the floor,  rolling slowly  back and forth across the white

        "You're lucky this isn't a normal catfight", Gabriel growls
        as she glares into Janet's angry face.  "I'd have scratched
        those pretty eyes of yours right OUT by now."

        "Oh yeah",  Janet's replies in a husky whisper.  "You think
        your woman enough to do that?   I'd have ripped those nasty
        little tits of yours right OFF!"

        "I'm  women  enough  to  fuck you into the ground and claim
        Anne for myself", Gabriel answers.

        "Talk's cheap Cunt, Prove it if you can."

        Reluctantly  releasing each other, the two rival's untangle
        and push themselves apart.   Gasping for breath, they stare
        at each other, breasts heaving,  as they  both realize  the
        moment of truth is at hand.  Rolling onto her side, Gabriel
        stretches out and grabs the long, thick dildo.  Dropping it
        on the carpet between them, as she struggles to  a  sitting
        position, legs spread wide.

        "You  think  you  can  out  FUCK me, well now's the time to
        prove  it",  Gabriel snarls. "Come on, you against me, CUNT
        to CUNT, until the loser cums."

        Spreading  her legs,  Janet began to inch forward.  Gabriel
        moved  to  meet  her.   Closing, each slipped her right leg
        over  her  rival's  left,  allowing  the  two women to flow
        together,  their  bodies  intertwining.    Reaching   down,
        Gabriel  took  the  long  dildo  in  one hand and worked it
        inside of herself, lips pressed tight and teeth clenched as
        the dildo slipped within her.   Janet took the other end of
        the dildo and  worked  the thick member into her cum soaked
        vigina.   Sweat ran down between her hanging breasts as the
        dildo seated itself within her.

        Finally  they  sat  facing  each other, the two-headed dong
        buried deeply inside their hot, dripping cunts.   Separated
        by  only  eight  inches  of  black  plastic, the two rivals
        glared at each other, as sweat poured from their bodies and
        dripped to the carpet.

        "This is it, Slut", Gabriel sneered.  "Just you and me now,
        WOMAN  to  WOMAN.   I'm  ready  to  start  anytime you are,

        "Oh yeah", Janet replied with an ugly growl, "Well there is
        just one other thing I need to do before we begin."

        "Oh what's that?"

        "Just  this!",  Janet  responded  as  she  reached out  and
        slapped Gabriel HARD across the face.

        "Fucking  Bitch!",  Gabriel screamed as she reached forward
        slapping  Janet  hard  in  return.   Falling  back onto her
        elbows, Gabriel wrapped her leg's behind her enemy.  Baring
        down on the dildo, she quickly tightened the muscles in her
        thighs  and  drove  the  dong  deeper into Janet's steaming

        Arching  her  back, Janet hissed loudly as the dildo turned
        inside  her.   Curling her legs tightly around Gabriel, she
        retaliated,  thrusting  her  hips hips forward as the dildo
        slid farther into the blonde's wet pussy.

        Gripping each other tightly with their legs,  the two woman
        began struggling in ernest.  Hips twisting and thrusting as
        the dildo moved with stops and jerks deeper and deeper into
        them.   Rolling  onto  her  side,  Janet  began to rock her
        pelvis  back  and forth as Gabriel arched off the floor and
        strove do drive the dildo down and into her foe.

        Legs slipping over sweat slick bodies, fingers digging into
        the thick, white carpet,  the two women battled each other,
        sex to sex. The visible part of the black dong grew smaller
        and smaller until finally, it vanished entirely.

        Cunt  to  cunt  once  more, the brutal battle continued, as
        pubic  bone  slammed  into  pubic  bone with jarring force.
        Vaginal  lips  smashed  together,  sliding  wetly over each
        other as hard clits jabbed and thrust in a rhythmic duel.

        Sitting  up,  the  two  rivals  reached  for  each   other,
        wrapping their arms around each other as they came together
        breast  to  breast.  Pulling  hair and cursing they fell to
        their  sides,  still thrusting the dildo back and forth, as
        they began to roll slowly over the carpet.

        Forcing  Janet  onto  her  back, Gabriel glared down at her
        with  angry  eyes,  as  she  asked, "how does if feel to be
        fucked  like  a  common  whore?"   Pinning  the  struggling
        brunette,  she  pumped the dildo hard into her rival, again
        and again,  smiling,  as Janet grunted with each thrust and
        tried desparately to throw her off.

        "After I finish  fucking you,  I'm going to fuck Anne, with
        this same dildo, and you won't be around to stop me."

        "NEVER!", Janet screamed as she planted her feet and rolled
        the blonde kicking onto her side.

        Wrapping  her arms  tightly  around Gabriel's narrow waist,
        Janet  crushed  her  to  her chest, boobs slipping over and
        around each other as Janet forced Gabriel over and onto her
        back.  Spreading her legs wide,  Janet worked her hips in a
        slow roll,  twisting the dildo inside the squirming blonde.
        Grunts  mixed  with breathless moans as Gabriel wrapped her
        legs around  Janet's waist,  rocking  the brunette back and
        forth in an attempt to escape.

        The  dildo  felt  like  it  was  alive inside of her as the
        blonde  struggled  to throw off her sweating rival.  Tit to
        tit,  she  thrust  upwards,  matching  her enemy stroke for
        stroke as she battled to free herself.

        Janet in turn lay heavily on the blonde,  trying to keep up
        the fight as pleasure began to radiate within her, like the
        heat of a fire.

        Jerking  each  other by the hair, the two women rolled onto
        their sides, legs twisting around each other as they sensed
        that  the  end was near.  Gripping each other tightly, they
        stared deeply into each other's  eyes as they traded short,
        vicious thrusts of the dildo.  Both hovered on the brink of
        orgasm, afraid to continue and afraid to stop.  Each stroke
        could  be  the last and cost them the fight and the love of

        The strokes came slower now, with long pauses between each,
        as both battled to control the  passion raging inside them.
        Thrust...and  pause.   Thrust...and pause.   It  seemed  to
        go  on  forever,  as both women panted and moaned under the
        sensual assault.   Suddenly, Gabriel could take no more and
        screamed in exstacy and terrible loss.

        Legs  curling  tightly  around  Janet, she was powerless to
        resist  as  the  brunette  rolled  her  onto  her  back and
        finished  her  off  with  several long, hard thrusts of the
        dong.   Body writhing in pleasure and dispair, she orgasmed
        again and again on the white carpet.  Squirming flat on her
        back before the dying embers of the fire.

        Crushed beneath her rival, her face began to run with tears
        as Janet lay panting and exhausted above her.

        "Well", Janet smirked as she regained her breath. "It seems
        we know who the better lover is now don't we?"

        Gabriel turned her face away,  her whole  body shaking with
        the sobs  that came one  after the next and that she seemed
        powerless to control.

        "Admit it", the brunette continued, "admit I've won."

        "You've won",  Gabriel  whispered between breathless cries.
        "You've won OK, get off of me...please get off of me."

        Taking  Gabriel's  head  in  her  hands,  Janet twisted her
        around  and  pressed  her lips against Gabriel's in a long,
        rough kiss.

        "That's  the  last  kiss  you  will get from either of us",
        Janet whispered to her.  "Get out of here Whore!"

        Climbing  off  the  defeated  blonde,  Janet  slipped   the
        dripping end of the dildo from inside herself and walked to
        the nearest bathroom. Gabriel remained curled on the carpet,
        a sobbing,  sweat  drenched  ball,  the  black  dildo  still
        protruding from her hard used sex.

        Safely  in  the  bathroom, Gabriel gasped in shock, as tears
        started  running  down  her  face.  She covered her mouth in
        horror and sat down on the toilet, as she tried to steady her
        nerves again after the vicious sexfight.   It had been close,
        much too close.  Only a the matter of a few strokes separated
        victory from defeat and the  loss of her oh so precious Anne.
        Finally  the  shaking  stopped  and  she  walked to the sink,
        splashing her face with cold water.

        After a long wait, she found the courage to open the door and
        return  to  the  den.   As she left, she looked in every dark
        corner,  half  expecting to find Gabriel waiting to bounce on
        her and resume the battle in a more bloody fashion.  When she
        got to the den though, Gabriel was gone.    Her  clothing had
        vanished with her and when Janet peeked out the front window,
        the old, dusty Plymouth was no where to be seen.

        Sitting  down  on  the couch, Janet reached for the open wine
        bottle and poured herself another glass.  Gabriel as gone. It
        had been a terrible experience, but it was over now.  She had
        won and all she had to do was wait for Anne to return. It had
        been difficult, but the battle was over.   Anne  was hers now
        and Gabriel was gone forever.

        Wasn't she....?

        THE END