The Captains Woman, Part V

Darielle forced her tongue down Minervas throat, an assault that the auburn-haired beauty met eagerly. Ferociously, the women sucked and lapped at each other, giving their bodies time to recover from the vicious mutual fucking they had inflicted on each other. Their deep, probing kisses fed the fire between their legs and in their breasts. Their hands explored and stroked the silken flesh of the other, moving deliberately toward their most erogenous zones. They began to wriggle and writhe against each other, sweat and cum-slicked bodies sliding and rubbing, heavy tits squashing and mashing deliciously.

Darielle consciously forced her body to relax, she forced back the lust and building heat in her sex. She was very impressed with Minervas performance. The girl had surprised her. Darielle was sure that she would easily dominate her enemy. Instead, she had found herself so aroused by Minervas body and skills that the other woman had come a bit too close to outlasting her. Darielle was also impressed by Minervas stamina and control. She could see that if Minerva had just a little more experience and training, she could become one of the best sexfighters in the kingdoms. She clearly possessed great natural talent and ability. But Darielle knew that she was the better sexfighter and she determined to pace herself, to fight a good, controlled, strategic battle against her enemy.

Darielle shifted her lower torso and felt her hungry cunt disengage from Minervas sodden twat. Their thick pubic bushes were wet and tangled and their wet inner thighs slid electrically together. With a groan, Minerva broke their kiss and turned her head aside, gasping for air and growling as the erotic sensations in her body began rapidly building up once again. Minerva placed her hands on Darielles shoulders and shoved her black-haired nemesis off of her. Grunting, Minerva rolled away on the rug, which sported a large wet spot from where the womens many secretions had soaked in.

Minerva and Darielle pushed themselves up into kneeling positions and glared at each other from a few feet away. Their bodies glistened with moisture, their hair was wild, their heavy breasts hung taut and firm from their chests. Their eyes shone with sexual heat. Darielles eyes were calm and bright. She was fully confident of her sexual skills and she knew that her conquest of Minervas body was only a matter of time. Minervas eyes were feverish with lust, but also burning with anger and uncertainty. She had lost the battle so far and Darielles confidence was beginning to eat at her own. Still, she was sure that she and the courtesan had fought a much closer battle than the other woman had expected. Minerva was sure that she still had a chance to win, if she could just outlast her opponent.

With a smile, Darielle rose to her feet. Minerva rose to match her, preparing for the other woman to attack. Instead, Darielle continued smiling and turned to walk across the cabin, her hips and ass swaying seductively in the dim light. She approached a table on the far side of the large bed. For the first time, Minerva saw that a bottle of rum and two glasses were sitting on the table.

Darielle poured rum from the bottle into both glasses, replaced the bottle, and turned back to Minerva, carrying both glasses. She extended one glass to her foe. Minerva took the glass hesitantly, unsure of how to understand this sudden civility.

Lets toast to our captain, Darielle murmured, and to our friendship. When we are done here, we will be very good friends, Minerva. The black-haired beauty smiled contemptuously. You will just be much more obedient to me. You will come to understand which of us is the better woman.

Minerva smiled back, just as nastily. Yes, we will be very good friends, Darielle, she replied. I will enjoy having you eat me whenever I order you to do so.

The women sipped at their rum, their eyes locked, their mutual hatred growing. Darielle drank just a little of the liquor. Then, slowly and deliberately, she poured most of the drink over her round, taut tits. The rich liquid rolled between her golden orbs, dripping off her swollen nipples, and flowed down her sleek belly, saturating her thick pubic bush and trickling down to glisten on her juicy cuntlips. The rum continued down Darielles luscious body, sliding over her columnar thighs and calves toward the floor.

Minerva poured the rum more slowly and carefully over her tits and down her chest. The cool liquid coated her thick titflesh, dribbled off her nipples, slid down her belly, tickled her bush and her pulsing cunt before sliding down her legs.

Darielle took Minervas glass from her and slid both glasses out of the way, under the bed. Then the two women slowly approached each other. Their eyes locked, Darielle and Minerva reached for each other. Darielle slid her hand over Minervas thick right tit. Never breaking eye contact, the black-haired courtesan cupped the beautiful gland and lowered her head. Her tongue reached out and lapped gently at the sensitive, swollen nipple. Minerva shuddered as her foe slowly started to suck at her incredibly sensitive brown, fleshy cylinder, sucking at the rum taste, feasting on Minervas overheated flesh.

Mmmmmmmmm, Darielle moaned, genuinely enjoying herself as her tongue expertly flicked and teased Mineveras sensitive nipple. She sucked lustily at the womans hard, pebbled cylinder, running her tongue on the rough areola, biting gently at the hard brown flesh, before opening her mouth to take more and more of Minervas throbbing tit into her mouth.

Minerva gasped and cried out, momentarily paralyzed by the intensely pleasurable sensations burning up from her chest. She kneaded Darielles right breast, squeezing and caressing and twisting the engorged nipple. Then, groaning with need, she lifted the heavy gland and bent her body, lowered her head, and began to feast hungrily on Darielles tit, lapping at the taut flesh, sucking and biting, enjoying the taste of the rum as she sucked.

As the women suckled at each others right tit, they kneaded and teased and massaged the others womans bulging left tit, their fingers sinking into the dense, throbbing flesh. But Minerva soon slid her right hand down Darielles slick belly, through the courtesans thick black bush, and began to rub and caress her wet, smooth cuntlips. Darielles moans intensified and she immediately returned the favour. In moments, both women were vigorously finger-fucking each other, hot digits driving up into wet, tight slits. Minerva resisted the urge to simply pump her foes cunt. Instead, she drew on everything Arella had taught her. She gently, carefully, stroked and teased and massaged Darielles pussy, her fingers sliding delicately on the other womans growing clit.

Darielle groaned harder. She was impressed by Minervas finger-fucking technique. But she was well-versed in these techniques herself. Her nimble fingers explored the inside of Minervas vagina, seeking out the most sensitive spots inside the walls of her pussy. At the same time, she gently manipulated Minervas burning clit, sending waves of unbearable pleasure radiating through her enemy.

For a long time, Darielle and Minerva stood on the wet rug, their voluptuous, perfect bodies swaying back and forth, the only sounds in the room the wet sound of fingers pumping cunt, the heavy breathing of the two aroused Amazons, and their moans and muffled cries of pleasure as one or the other hit some particularly ecstatic spot inside the others twat. After a time, the women switched over to suck the other breast of their opponent, but the battle continued.

Minervas twat was soaked and dripping like a faucet onto the rug. She was sure that she was only a few deft strokes away from another humiliating, excruciating orgasm but, somehow, she managed to hold back the climax building in her core. She was dizzy with the wild sensations burning up from her cunt. But she concentrated her utmost on relaxing her insides, on collecting and flowing with the incredible erotic pleasure that Darielle was forcing on her. At some point, she realized that she was crying with the intensity of the feelings, but still she fought on.

Darielle found herself growing more and more frustrated and she had to fight to maintain her own calm, to relax her core and let the waves of pleasure wash over and through her. She had fought experienced prostitutes and sexfighters who had not lasted as long as Minerva. Darielle realized that whatever training Minerva had received, she had learned her lessons well. The beautiful courtesan could feel the trembling in her core as Minerva sucked and finger-fucked her. It was almost too much to take. But her fingers were inside of Minervas cunt and she could feel the quivering in the other womans twat. She knew that Minerva was close to exploding. At least, she hoped this was the case.

Gasping, moaning with pleasure, Darielle and Minerva finger-fucked each other furiously, they feasted on each others tits until the sensitive glands ached with erotic sensations. They were leaking copious amounts of cuntjuice. Both womens hands were soaked with the secretions of the other. Slowly, Darielle and Minerva sank to their knees on the rug, the strength of their legs giving out as the erotic tension built in their beautiful bodies.

Taking one last, desperate chance to push her enemy over the edge, Minerva thrust all five fingers of her hand up into Darielles sopping wet pussy, and then pushed up as far as she could into the incredibly hot, tight fuckhole. Darielle gasped and whooped in joy as she was so deeply violated. Then Minerva carefully clenched her fist, twisting her hand and arm, drilling into Darielles body, stretching the elastic tissue of the courtesans incredible twat around her pumping fist. Darielle screamed and sobbed,her entire body heaved with the incredible pleasure radiating out of her reamed cunt. She concentrated with all of her strength and fought back the impending orgasm that now threatened to explode. At the same time, Darielle drove her own fist as far up into Minervas rigid twat as she could, twisting her wrist, pumping back and forth.

Minerva howled, sobbing uncontrollably, as Darielle penetrated her to the core. She gasped as she felt her inner vaginal walls constrict and contract around Darielles thrusting fist and wrist, squeezing the invading arm tightly . Unable to hold back a moment longer, Minerva screamed as her body erupted in an intense orgasm. Her belly rippled and her ass and hips jerked, almost like she was a hand puppet, controlled by the fist now churning up her pussy. Hot, wet cum flowed out to coat Darielles arm and drop to the rug, to course down Minervas inner thighs. The auburn-haired beauty groaned miserably as she tried to force her own hand further up into Darielles twat. She could feel the other woman trembling inside and she knew that Darielle was close to coming. But Darielle worked her fist inside of Minerva even harder and the young beauty found the strength of her legs giving out completely. Crying, sobbing with pleasure and rage, Minerva fell on her back on the rug once more. Darielle followed her down. Both women still had a fist lodged inside of the others twat, but Darielle used the opportunity to pull back her hips. Her cunt slipped free of Minervas fist with a loud popping sound, hot juices spilling free.

Pushing Minerva into the rug, Darielle lay beside her writhing, bucking foe and continued to probe, to manipulate her arm inside of her screaming enemy. She licked and sucked at Minervas bouncing tits. Darielles body was also trembling with pre-orgasmic pleasure, but she managed to hold herself in check as she ravaged Minerva. She was amazed at the amount of cum that the other girl was spewing. Minervas hips rocked, her belly tensed, the woman gasped and screamed as she struggled futilely to control the orgasmic power flowing through her body, forcing explosion after explosion out of her core.

No, No, Noooooooo!!, Minerva moaned miserably. Darielle smiled.

Yes, you bitch, yes, you little cunt! Darielle hissed at her enemy. I told you I would fuck you out of your mind, and thats just what Im doing!

Saying this, Darielle felt the heat in her body build to uncontrollable levels. She was going to orgasm, and she wanted to be riding Minerva cunt to cunt when she came.

With a snarl, Darielle pulled her soaked hand and wrist out of Minervas struggling, sucking cunt. Minerva screamed and a gusher of cum flowed out as the dam was unplugged. Without waiting, Darielle threw herself on top of her beautiful enemy. She quickly tangled and aligned her body with Minervas body, tit to tit, belly to belly, cunt to spasming cunt. She thrust down with her hips, driving her burning, engorged clit onto Minervas rock-hard, throbbing sexhorn. The women screamed in concert as their cunts rammed tight, cunt lips splatting together and sealing. Their massive clits twisted together and Darielle and Minerva glared hatefully into each others beautiful eyes as they felt their orgasms align, as their thrusting asses and hips joined their incredible bodies in an explosion of ecstasy.

Darielle screamed and bucked as a delicious orgasm erupted from her core. Her body went tense, every muscle going rigid with pleasure, her back arched as her hips and ass drove down into Minervas inosculated cunt. She pumped her victory cum down into Minervas body. The womens cum mixed within Minerva and then shot back up into Darielle as the woman below her spasmed in multi-orgasmic fury. Minervas body went as stiff as a plank as another climax roared through her muscles.

Nose to nose, panting and snarling with hate, furious eyes locked, Darielle and Minerva shared the deepest intimacies possible as their bodies exchanged orgasms and cum, as Darielle rode Minerva mercilessly. Their heavy tits ground and slipped together, in and out and around each other, soaked in sweat. Their sweat and cum-slicked bellies slapped, their legs twined into unbreakable knots. Both women were gripping the others ass, their claws sunk into the taut muscle of the other, pulling each other in deeper. Darielle reached behind her and seized Minervas hands. Twining fingers, she shoved the other womans arms over their heads, out to the sides, and pinned Minerva as the women writhed and rubbed against each other furiously.

Minervas orgasms finally began to tail off, even as Darielle felt hers rising to a crescendo. Rearing up, driving her pussy to Minervas twat, spreading Minervas cunt, thrusting with all the power of her ass and hips, Darielle penetrated Minerva as deeply as she could even as she screamed out a final, tremendous orgasm. Her pussy injected her gushing cum into Minervas twat. Minerva spread her legs wide in sexual surrender, her body accepting its abject defeat.

For many minutes, the exhausted young beauties lay this way, Darielle lodged between Minervas splayed legs, their perfect bodies covered in sweat and cum, panting and gasping into each others hair, their bellies flat against each other, their throbbing tits crushed tight, aching nipples locked. Finally, Darielle stirred.

Yes, Darielle whispered in Minervas ear, Yes, you little fucker, this is how it will always be. Your body surrendering to mine, your cunt devoured by mine. Are you ready to accept that I am the better woman?

Never, never, Minerva moaned. Tears streaked her face, but her eyes still shone with anger. I swear to the gods, before this night is through, I will make you sorry you ever fucked with me. I will ream your cunt until I suck it dry.

Little bitch, Darielle breathed just before locking her mouth to Minervas. The womens tongues tangled and twisted, spit flowed between their sealed-together lips.

After a while, Minerva broke the kiss. She freed her hands from Darielles grip and, placing her palms on Darielles shoulders, shoved the black-haired courtesan off of her yet again. For a moment, the women lay side by side, recovering their energy, their beautiful bodies almost perfect reflections, their tits heaving as they breathed.

Darielle rolled onto her side, propped her head up on her hand, and grinned down at her beautiful enemy. She ran her free hand down Minervas slick, wet torso, from her magnificent tits to her twat. Darielle used a finger to scoop out some cum from Minervas pussy. She licked her finger clean as she smiled.

Mmm, you taste good, girl, the courtesan murmured. Im going to enjoy eating you. She grinned maliciously. Lets do that right now.

Languidly, Darielle rose up from the rug and walked to the bed, her wet body glistening in the firelight. She arranged two pillows, then climbed onto the bed, lay back with her head supported by the pillows, and spread her powerful legs. Minerva had turned over to watch what Darielle was doing. Now, she stared into Darielles hungry pink twat, mesmerized by the juicy lips shining with wet.

Come, Minerva, Darielle smiled, gesturing with her hand. Let us feast on each other. Let us see how good you are at eating cunt.

Gathering her strength, Minerva rose from the cabin floor, from the wet rug. Her eyes were burning with fury. Inside, part of her despaired. Darielle was beating her, was fucking her out of her mind. The black-haired courtesan seemed to possess a limitless supply of sexual energy. Minerva knew that Darielle planned to exhaust her and to break her cunt, break her will. Yet, even so, a larger part of Minervas mind remained confident that she could win. Despite the incredible amounts of cum she had spewed so far tonight, despite her defeats, she still felt energetic. Indeed, the sexual combat actually seemed to be feeding her in some way, making her stronger. She might be losing, but she did not feel that she needed to give up the fight. In the end, the winner was still going to be the woman who lasted the longest.

Slowly, seductively, Minerva walked up to the bed, her hips swinging, her big tits rocking gently. Her green eyes were locked to Darielles blue. Minerva climbed onto the bed. Carefully, she turned her back to her foe, her eyes still locked to Darielles over her shoulder, and swung one leg over Darielles body. She was now on her hands and knees, facing down Darielles body. She maintained eye contact with Darielle for a moment. Then she carefully spread legs and pushed her ass back toward Darielle, offering the other woman her open cunt, even as she lowered her face to the delicious maw between Darielles spread thighs. Both women looped their arms over the others hips, spread their hands on the others powerful round ass, and brought their hungry mouths and eager tongues to bear on each others cunts.

Minerva buried her face in Darielles fragrant, cum-sotted twat, rubbing her nose and face into the soft, wet flesh, inhaling the delicious scent, covering her cheeks in the wet, feeling her face tickled by Darielles course, wet fur. She began to lick and suck, cleaning out Darielles twat, running her tongue around and around the thick, muscled ring of the womans vagina, sending her pink probe plunging into the depths of her enemys cunt. She teased around and around Darielles massive red clit, but left it untouched for the moment as she tantalized her foe.

Darielle smiled and sighed with pleasure as she felt Minervas ministrations to her cunt. Delicious electricity burned up out of her core, suffusing her body, tightening her tits, filling her belly with delectable tension. Smiling, she kissed Minervas pussy delicately, gently, then began exploring it with her tongue and teeth. She cleaned out and swallowed the sexual juices, teasing and caressing. Then she wrapped her soft lips and expert tongue around Minervas thick, pulsing clit and began to suck vigorously. Minerva immediately began to lick and suck at Darielles throbbing clit in return.

The women moaned in ecstasy as they devoured each other. Soon, both womens nimble fingers were probing each others cunts and assholes, thrusting and scouring, teasing and tantalizing, trying to find any way to inflict even greater pleasure on the other. Minerva and Darielle settled in for a long, luscious cunteating contest. Both women struggled to relax their insides, to let the pleasure they were forcing on each other fill them like a liquid in an empty bottle, struggled to resist the incredible tension fed by their mutual sexual stimulation, to keep it from building to an overpowering orgasm. On and on, they ate each other and played with each others twats and assholes, probing and pumping, sucking and licking. Their twats leaked prodigious amounts of cunt juice, soaking their faces and hair, soaking their bellies and thighs, soaking the bed. At some point, groaning and sighing with pleasure, the women rolled onto their sides. They wrapped their thighs around each others heads and continued to feed on each other. Darielle fisted Minerva first, gently driving her hand deep into Minervas aching twat, even as she continued to suck hard at the auburn-haired beautys enormous clit. Sighing, sobbing with pleasure, Minerva returned the gesture, sliding her hand as far into Darielles quim as possible, clenching her fist and gently rotating her arm, massaging the courtesans inner vaginal walls. Both women cried quietly as the excruciating pleasure built and built.

Minerva slid her hand down Darielles beautifully formed back, pulling at her black hair, slipping her hand around to Darielles chest to grope and massage her massive tit. Moaning, Darielle returned the grip. It was finally too much for both women. Quietly, sobbing uncontrollably with the ecstasy, Darielle and Minerva erupted simultaneously. Both pulled their hands free of the other womans cunt and buried their faces in her enemys gushing pussy. Their twats pumped rhythmically, jetting hot cum with each orgasmic convulsion. Darielle and Minerva covered each others cunts with their mouths, moaning in pleasure as they sucked and swallowed what they could. Their hair and faces grew wet with ejaculate.

The orgasms rippled on, deep waves of pleasure radiating out of their cores, breaking over their bodies, pulling pure ecstasy out of their voluptuous flesh. Darielle and Minerva continued to suck slowly and deliberately at the others clit, both women almost delirious with pleasure, moaning and sobbing in joy, but still determined to force the other to sexual surrender.

The women sucked each other into delerium, riding on waves of bliss. Their orgasms gradually subsided. After a time, their grips on each others bodies loosened. Darielle groaned and pulled back, lying flat on her back. Gasping, Minerva rolled on her back. Her clit still burned with unrelieved pleasure, her body throbbed with heat. Groaning, she rolled onto her hands and knees over Darielles body and began to crawl down the bed, lost in her own world of sexual rapture.

Darielle sat up, rousing herself from the blissful ecstasy of the sexual power reverberating through her flesh. She reached out and grasped Minervas auburn mane, yanking the beautiful womans head back. Minerva groaned with the pain. Darielle placed her other hand on Minervas hip. Minervas thighs were on either side of Darielles hips. With a gasp, Darielle fell back on the bed, still holding Minerva in place by her auburn hair, and raised her thighs, wrapping her legs around Minervas waist from below, crossing and locking her ankles between Minervas shoulders. Darielle bucked up, driving her hips upwards, smashing her naked, dripping cunt directly into Minervas drooling twat.

Minerva screamed in pleasure as Darielles throbbing, engorged clit rammed directly into her own sexhorn. Minerva grasped the steel support at the foot of the bed to anchor herself and responded by driving her pussy down onto Darielles hungry twat. Darielle grabbed the headboard for leverage and bucked up with all her strength, lifting Minervas body as their twats smashed together. The womens sopping cunts sealed and sucked, fusing together upside down to each other. Their engorged clits slipped and twisted into one, like two interlocking horns.

Gripping opposite sides of the bedframe, their bodies twined in reverse, Minerva powered down into Darielles dripping cunt with all her strength even as Darielle rammed up into her. The two women screamed and screamed as their cunts ate and ground at each other, vaginal muscles squeezing and contracting, as their massive clits locked and fused into one. They rubbed and rubbed cunts, their hips and asses bucking and grinding as they pumped each other powerfully. Darielles magnificent tits bounced furiously; Minervas tits crushed into the bed and burned with delicious friction as she writhed on the rough bedding as she drove herself into her enemy.

Yes, yes, fuck, fuck, yesss!! Minerva moaned, her body trembling with the incredible erotic power that suffused her flesh.

Gods, gods, fuck, fuck, fuck!!, Darielle cried, her control completely lost, her only desire to keep grinding and fucking with Minerva until both of them exploded in ecstasy.

On and on, Minerva and Darielle fucked, their bodies slick with sweat, the heat in their voluptuous flesh growing to feverish intensity, their swollen clits squeezing and locking harder and harder as the matching sexhorns swelled with blood and erotic electricity.
Minerva was sure that she was being fucked to death, but she no longer cared. All she wanted was the unbearable pleasure waiting at the end of this mutual fuck. Darielle still maintained some sense of the battle. Her body craved Minervas body, her lust to completely unite her burning, voluptuous body with that of her enemy overwhelmed all her senses. But, deep in the back of her mind, part of her struggled to regain some control, to hold back just enough to claim the sexual victory that she needed.

The women fucked and fucked, driving each other insane with lust as they rode to ecstasy together. For more than 20 minutes, they ground together mercilessly, their bodies saturated with sexual power, their flesh burning. Dimly, Minerva and Darielle knew that they could be only moments, only a few more grinding thrusts, away from orgasmic nirvana. Bracing her pumping, bucking body with one hand on the headboard, Darielle suddenly rammed two fingers deep into Minervas exposed asshole. Maybe this made the decisive difference.

Oh, oh, oh, ooooooohhhhhhhhh, FUCKKKK!!!, Minerva howled as the incredible pleasure building in her core suddenly overflowed and overwhelmed her. She exploded in the greatest orgasm of her life. Her sexual dam burst. Her pussy began convulsing and contracting, pumping copious amounts of hot cum down into Darielles receptive body. Cum overflowed and almost blasted out from between the womens locked pussylips, coating and spreading around their lower abdomens as they writhed together, soaking their intermeshed pussy fur.

Darielle locked her ankles tighter between Minervas shoulder blades, she grabbed the headboard again with both hands, and she rocked her hips and ass powerfully, determined to fuck every drop of cum that she could out of Minervas convulsing cunt. Minerva continued to orgasm over and over again, her body going rigid, straining with power as her deepest core spasmed with unbearable pleasure. Sobbing, gasping, Minervas body slowly went limp as she lost consciousness, as her sexual power drained away with the liquids flowing out of her gushing quim. Both women were soaked with cum almost up to their breasts by the time Minervas body finally went limp.

Darielles teeth were clenched in effort as she strained to hold back the incredible orgasm filling her core. She needed to know that she had defeated Minerva completely before she dared to let herself go. Moaning, she twisted their interlocked bodies, turning Minerva onto her back, turning herself onto her hands and knees. Slowly, agonizingly, she pulled her cunt away from Minervas. Their twined clits separated with difficulty, unlocking with excruciating pleasure, Darielles clit still throbbing and burning with pleasure and need, Minervas clit still remarkably hard, despite the multiple orgasms it had generated.

Darielle pulled away from Minervas body, freeing a gusher of cum that leaked onto the soaked bed, which formed a puddle of liquid between Minervas legs.

Moaning, Darielle turned around and repositioned herself between Minervas spread thighs. She separated Minervas fat, juicy cuntlips with her fingers, letting the auburn-haired womans clit spring free. Slowly and carefully, Darielle slid her swollen clit, head to head, with Minervas sexhorn. Even in unconsciousness, Minerva stirred as the ecstatic contact resumed. Darielle wanted her clit to conquer Minervas sex from on top, from a perfect match of like to like. She grasped Minervas round, taut breasts and squeezed. Darielles hips jerked as she slid and rammed her aching, throbbing clit, grinding it against Minervas. But the attack did not last long. Throwing back her head, running her hands through her black locks, her massive tits bouncing and spraying sweat, Darielle howled in ecstasy as she finally came, her victorious pussy erupting in a fountain of cum. Darielles pussy juice coated Minervas lower body, pooling in her navel, splattering her tits, covering her thighs. Darielles belly rippled as she pumped her cum onto her defeated enemy. All the while, she smiled in blissful joy as she enjoyed her victory fuck. The war was over. Minervas cunt was beaten. Darielle was finally victorious.
The CaptainsWoman, Part VI- Conclusion

Darielle finally collapsed on top of her defeated enemy and lay there for some time, her body mashed to Minervas, enjoying the heat and intimacy of her conquests glorious flesh. Both women were now almost covered, head to toe, with their shared cum.

After a while, Darielle stirred and then rolled off of Minerva and rose from the bed. She reached for the bottle of rum on the side table and took a deep swig, enjoying the rush of heat in her belly. She felt bone-deep exhaustion. Minerva had proven to be a truly incredible enemy. Darielle could not remember ever having fought such a close sexfight before. But she was confident that she had finally broken her foe. When Minerva awoke, Darielle was sure that the redhead would accept the fact that she had been tamed by a woman with a superior set of sexual skills. The black-haired courtesan already knew how she planned to humiliate her auburn-haired rival and reinforce her dominance. Now, she began to plan for how she would use her superiority to assert herself in Reynalds bed.

Darielle heard a sound behind her and turned to see Minerva stirring. She smiled as Minerva sat up, a dazed and confused look in her eyes.

So, you little cunt, are you ready to accept me as your mistress? Or do I have to keep fucking your brains out? Darielle smirked, her eyes glowing with heat. To her amazement, she felt her clit stir as she took in Minervas sensual beauty. Even in defeat, the auburn-haired vixen was incredibly erotic.

Minerva was covered in cum, her hair was wet with sweat and pussy juice. But the redheads eyes cleared and seemed to shine with rage and power.

You dirty whore, Minerva snarled. This isnt over until one of us is fucked completely senseless. Get your fat ass back over here and spread your fucking legs. Were going to go cunt to cunt and clit to clit until only one of us can walk.

Darielles smirk disappeared. She did not understand how Minerva could be so defiant, how she could seem to have so much energy after all she had been through. But, as she watched, Darielle could see Minervas massive clit swelling out of her labia, growing in power and hardness. Darielle pushed aside her doubts and fears. Minerva seemed to have almost superhuman sexual stamina, but that was Darielles gift, too. In the past, she had beaten sexual competitors who were more skilled than she was just by wearing them out. Darielle had never lost a sexfight, and she did not intend to start now. She concentrated, summoning up her power. She was gratified as she felt her clit swelling again, the insatiable sexual desires of her body rippling out of her core, powering her beautiful body.

If thats what you want, fucker, Darielle growled. Ive defeated you every time weve matched clits tonight. Nothing is going to be different this time or the next or the next.

All that matters is who wins the last fuckfight, you cunt, Minerva spat. Get down here and lets get started.

Darielle climbed onto the bed, rage and lust blazing in her heart. Her erogenous zones burned with need, she felt sexual energy charging her tits and her cunt. She was going to eat this whore alive. Her body was already aching for the excruciating sexual pleasure she knew that she and Minerva would inflict on each other.

The women faced each other, legs spread, thick pink cunts engorged and leaking with juice. Their hard, round tits heaved and jiggled as their breath came in excited pants. Their nipples were huge and thick and pointing like spikes. They leaned back, their magnificent bodies supported by their powerful arms. Their hair billowed out around their heads like erotic auras. The air of the room was suffused with the overpowering musk of womanly arousal, the distinct scent of both womens juiced cunts mixing and merging and creating an exotic aroma of sex. Green eyes locked to blue. The women smiled at each other, their mutual lust and hate at a fever pitch.

Darielle and Minerva pushed up to each other, smoothly sliding right legs over lefts, until their hot, wet, tight fuckslits were perfectly aligned and only a whispers distance apart. The heat radiating out of their cunts warmed both womens inner thighs. Smiling grimly at each other, they pressed their swollen pussies together gently, letting their twats kiss slowly, teasing and taunting each other. They held their slick quims together like that for a moment until the erotic electricity built up to an unbearable charge. Both women gasped together as their juiced up pussies suddenly lubricated in a hard gush, pussy juice spraying out and coating their cuntlips and inner thighs. Slowly, tortuously, Darielle and Minerva rubbed their wet cuntlips together, mixing the lubricant, spreading it around their hot, wet crotches. They bit their lips as each woman struggled to control herself, to keep the incredible sensations from overwhelming her restraint.

Enough, slut, Darielle moaned, her voice thick with effort. Lets fuck.

Her eyes shining, Minerva said nothing. But she drew back her hips. Darielle did the same. Signaling with their eyes, the two sexual combatants rammed their hungry cunts together with all of their strength. Their thick cuntlips flattened together, their succulent labia met and mashed. The women screamed uncontrollably, but both began grinding and shoving as hard as they could with their hips and asses, struggling to grind deep into each other, to spread and penetrate each other completely. Their engorged clits smashed together head to head, sending pulses of unbearable pleasure burning through every inch of their voluptuous flesh. They squeezed each others cunts with all of their strength, mashing their clits and labia into one, straining to devour each other twat to twat.

Oh, you dirty fucking whore, you filthy CUNT!!, Darielle screamed at Minerva, her eyes blazing with hate and lust, tears streaming down her beautiful face.

Bitch! Fucking, cunteating SLUT!!, Minerva screamed back, her gorgeous face a rictus of sexual agony as she fought to control the pleasure radiating from their locked cunts.

The women fucked mercilessly. They threw back their heads, braced their arms and ground into each other with all their power. Their tits bounced furiously, spraying sweat. Their abdomens rippled with effort. Darielle and Minerva pounded at each other, pulling apart and smashing their cunts together again and again, driving their clits together, before locking up again and resuming the head to head, clit to clit grind. They threw all of their sexual power at each other in a final, desperate effort to prove which of them was the better woman, the stronger cunt.

Minerva and Darielle fell back on their sides. Their legs remained scissor-locked, their twats continued to suck and grip each other tight. Lubrication flowed from their locked pussy lips like water. Their clits stroked and ground relentlessly. Each woman grasped the others thigh and used it for leverage as they battled on.

The battle seemed to go on forever. Neither woman relented. Beautiful eyes locked, breath coming in hot pants, the room filling with their moans and growls of pleasure, gripping each others thighs tightly, Minerva and Darielle fucked slow and hard, their hips and asses moving powerfully and deliberately. They kept their rock-hard, swollen clits grinding head to head, excruciating pleasure pulsing through their bodies with each exquisitely ecstatic stroke. The world ceased to exist for both women. The only thing they saw were each others eyes; the only things they felt were the unbearable sensations radiating from their locked clits. Their intermeshed genitals seemed to swell to fill them completely. Both women slowly came to understand that the sexual tension that had built up in both of them over the course of the past month, the unrelieved pressure that had driven them to this point, remained unabated and was now struggling for release.

The end came suddenly. Darielle felt it, a growing sense that a dam had broken deep inside of her. An incredible pressure, an exquisite wave of pleasure, came rippling off her clit, burning through her skin, inflaming the heat in her back, firing all the nerves in her body. The familiar sense of no return suddenly washed over her like a tidal wave of sensual delight.

No, Darielle groaned, her eyes widening with shock and fear. No!! she cried as she felt the intensity of the orgasm coming with ferocious force. Oh, FUCK, NOOOO!! she screamed.

Minerva smiled viciously, not saying anything but pumping her cunt harder and harder, ramming her clit with greater force against its counterpart on Darielle.

NOOOOOOO!!!, Darielle shrieked as the most incredible orgasm of her life detonated deep in her core, flooding her body with nova-hot heat, overloading her senses, washing her away on a tsunami of sexual bliss. She fell flat on her back, her body writhing uncontrollably, her hands reaching blindly for the ceiling as her pussy exploded. Her belly rippled as her pussy pumped hot cum, which leaked out from the seal of the womens quims.

Smiling savagely, Minerva rode the other woman powerfully. She kept her clit mashed tight to Darielles sexhorn, determined to fuck every drop of cum from her enemy. Minerva had already experienced this same overwhelming wave of pleasure. She had barely survived it, and she was going to make sure that Darielle could not recover from this defeat.

Darielle writhed and screamed, her screams fading to desperate moans. Her magnificent tits jiggled enticingly, so taut with sexual arousal, their nipples so hard and tight, that they actually hurt. Minerva leaned down and licked and nibbled at one of Darielles nips, provoking another round of agonizing orgasms from the black-haired bitch.

Finally, Darielle collapsed, her writhing body grew still, her gasps of unimaginable pleasure turned to the exhausted pants of a spent woman. Darielles beautiful blue eyes rolled up into her head and she passed out, finally fucked into absolute submission. Minerva continued to pump her enemy, provoking a number of orgasms from the unconscious courtesan.

Minerva slowly, painfully, pulled her twat free of Darielles beaten pussy. Her clit throbbed with unbearable heat and tension. She knew that she needed relief. She feared that another orgasm as intense as this one felt might kill her, but she had no choice.

Gasping, Minerva crawled up Darielles body. She mounted the other womans left tit and slowly, deliberately, rubbed her rock-hard clit into Darielles rock-hard nipple. She used the courtesans breast to titfuck herself, moaning in pleasure as she felt the taut, thick flesh bulge up into the slick maw of her twat. After a few minutes of writhing, grinding, bucking, Minerva screamed in relief as her body exploded. Cum covered Darielles tits, splattering her face, flowing down into her deep cleavage.

With a final cry, Minerva collapsed beside her foe, totally exhausted. She had nothing left. But, for this moment at least, she did not need any more. Darielle was defeated. Smiling with satisfaction, Minerva slipped into a dreamless sleep.

Epilogue I:

Hours later, Darielle woke to find herself alone in the abandoned cabin. The light of the early morning sun was streaming in the stateroom window. The room stank of sex and cum, the thick musk of womanhood was in the air. Dry cum and sweat crusted on her body. She felt sore all over, especially in her twat and breasts.

Darielle rolled off of the bed and staggered across the cabin to find her robe. As she pulled it on, she looked around for any note or any other message from Minerva. But she did not see anything. The message of her defeat was, evidently, the only thing that Minerva needed to say.

Darielles eyes burned with tears, but she kept them in. She had been defeated. Her body, her sex, had been overwhelmed by those of another woman. She had never been more humiliated in her life. She swore to herself that this would not be the end of it, that she would not allow herself to submit to Minerva. But she could feel, deep inside, that her womanly confidence had been badly shaken. Her destiny had been subverted. She did not know what to do.

Darielle opened the cabin door carefully. No one was about. She quickly crossed the hall and entered her cabin. She locked the door, dropped the robe to the floor and approached her bed, intending to throw herself into the bedclothes, to lose her shame in the balm of sleep. To her surprise, however, she saw a note on her pillow. Sitting on the bed, she opened the envelope. She knew, of course, that it was from Minerva. She expected a taunting, vicious letter which reinforced the new order between them. Instead, she read:

When you are ready, come and see me. I have an interesting proposition for you, one that may help both of us realize our destinies. Minerva.

Intrigued, Darielle carefully folded the letter and put it back in its envelope. She did not know what to think. But she felt a new sense of energy. There might be a way for her to salvage her future, after all.

Epilogue II:

Reynald yawned and stretched luxuriously. It was late for him to be getting up, but he and Arella had spent an exhausting night renewing their carnal acquaintance. As much as he enjoyed his two mistresses, he also appreciated the variety offered by other beautiful women.

Captain Arella came out of the adjoining washroom. She was naked, her magnificent body glistening with wetness. Evidently, she had been washing herself up, cleaning up some of the mess of the previous night. She swayed across the room, her majestic tits rocking, her womanly hips see-sawing, her long, strong legs smooth and taut. Arella was a woman from the far south, her skin a dark chocolate hue, her eyes a golden brown. Long, wild black hair crowned her head. She slipped into bed beside Reynald, pressing her chest into his. Reynald slipped his arm around her and rested one hand on her hip. The other hand he used to fondle her nearest tit, kneading and caressing the thick flesh. He smiled as he felt Arellas nipple instantaneously harden.

The dark-skinned beauty kissed the man gently.

When do you plan to return to the Northstar, milord? Arella asked.

Later today, my dear, the captain replied. No need to rush. I want to give Minerva and Darielle as much time to work things out as possible.

Hm. Arella appeared thoughtful. Do you still think that Darielle will have conquered Minerva? she asked.

Well, it is the logical assumption, Reynald replied. Darielle has been trained in sex her whole life. Minerva has only had the lessons from you and me. I dont doubt your skills as a teacher, Arella indeed, I have enjoyed everything that you taught her but I dont think she has the experience to defeat a trained courtesan.

All very logical, Arella admitted, but I think that Minerva may surprise you. The girl has some remarkable abilities in bed. But there is something else.

What is that? the man asked. He had begun to stroke Arellas smooth skin. The woman had begun to stroke his thickening cock.

Dont underestimate Minerva, or treat her as a child. She has great potential and she will not always be satisfied to be the mistress of the Captain of the fleet. Think about grooming her for her own ship. No matter how her battle with this courtesan works out, she is not a resource to be squandered or ignored.

Hm, Reynald replied. His cock was rock-hard now and the blood was pounding in his veins. He pushed Arella over onto her back, and he slowly mounted her, enjoying the feel of her massive tits pressing into his chest, her hard belly flattening to his own. You really think so? he asked. He slipped his shaft deep into Arellas tight slit and thrust hard, impaling the woman with pleasure.

Arella gasped, then smiled lasciviously as she wrapped her legs around Reynalds waist. Oh yes,she murmured. Remember, you gave me my ship to keep me from being a threat to you. You were smart to do that. Dont be foolish when it comes to Minerva.

My love, I will think about what you have said, Reynald promised. But his hips were already jerking with pleasure and his cock was being squeezed and massaged by Arellas deep vaginal muscles. As the man and the woman rode each other into bliss, the conversation slipped his mind as he was overwhelmed by the sensations of the moment.

Grunting and heaving, Reynald and Arella fucked long into the morning. On the Northstar, Minerva and Darielle began to plan their own destinies.

The End

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